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Activity 3: Evaporation

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The Water Cycle

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Evaporation is an essential part of the water cycle.

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The sun (solar energy) drives evaporation of water from oceans, lakes, moisture in the soil, and other sources of water. In hydrology, evaporation and transpiration (which involves evaporation within plant stomata) are collectively termed evapotranspiration.

Some of the most useful effects of evaporation are given below.

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1. Water is in earthen pots because water seeps through the pores on to the outside from where it evaporates fast due to large surface area.

The latent heat required for evaporation is taken from the water within the pot, which is. This is because most freshwater use is consumptive and the water ends u lost due to evaporation, seepage into the ground, transport to another area, or contamination.

Buy Ecology of the Planted Aquarium on abrasiverock.com FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. When water in the earth's saltwater bodies evaporates into the air. This water vapor then cools off, becomes liquid again, and then falls as rain or snow. The salt is left behind, and the resulting precipitation helps replenish the water in lakes, streams, rivers, and the groundwater supply.

The hypothesis was that the temperature of the water would affect the evaporation rate of the water the most and that the higher the water temperature, the more evaporation that would occur.

The hypothesis proposed that the warmer the water, the more molecules escaped as vapor, and thus evaporated.

Water evaporation essay
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