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Scientists and the Thinking Brain

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Teaching achievements and activities

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in Japan found literary expressions since the dawn of time: Kamo no Chōmei, Terada Torahiko, Akutagawa Ryūnosuke are just a few of the authors involved in the process of transposing into words the trauma related to disasters that occurred in the country.

Terada, Torahiko (–) Japanese geologist who conducted laboratory model studies of fracture of rocks, researched the role of continental drift in the origin of Japan and the Sea of Japan, and conducted crustal studies.

As a Japanese physicist Torahiko Terada wrote in his fascinating essay “Chawan no yu (A cup of hot tea)” in (in “The Complete Works of Terada Torahiko”, vol 2, pp.3–9, Iwanami, ), many interesting phenomena occur in a teacup filled with hot tea, including convection, condensation, and vortex flow.

Many are related to a wide. 2 LED light guide Lens & Camera Hot water bath Inner & outer chambers FIG. 2. Schematic diagram of the experimental setup. ter, such as coffee, tea, water with detergent, and pure.

T Terada Terada, T. () A collection of Essay of Terada Torahiko 2, A Bowl of Hot Water (in Japanese). Occupational Fatigue-Approach from Subjective Symptom, Tokyo, Japan: The institute for. Hiroshi Aramata (荒俣 宏 Aramata Hiroshi, born July 12, ) is a Japanese author, polymath, translator and specialist in natural history, iconography and most popular novel was Teito Monogatari (Tale of the Capitol), which has sold over 5 million copies in Japan alone.

Torahiko terada essay
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