Points against co education in schools

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The Disadvantages of Co-Ed Schools

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Co-education is the best system

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5 arguments against education reform

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Far from being places of equal opportunity and preparation for the real world, even the best co-educational schools do not celebrate girls' achievements. Co-education should not be applied due to the following reasons: 1-Many pieces of research have demonstrated that the academic performance of males has declined increasingly in the past few decades(1); they would claim the attention of teachers due to their disruptive behaviour and of course hormones accompanying their adolescent years.

Co-education is the best system. Add to My Favorites Report this Debate Share with My Friends. Do you like this debate? Co-education should not be applied due to the following reasons: Keep in mind that I do not propose segregation in their social life as well. I only concentrate on schools, education.

As for homosexuals, you admit of. The Disadvantages of Co-Ed Schools By April Sanders ; Updated June 27, Researchers from around the world have not yet reached a consensus on which is better: co-ed or single-gender education.

Dec 11,  · Debate points against co-eduaction 1:distaction amongs the student 2:declination in character 3:destration in studies There are certain disadvantages of co-education. First, co-education is against the law of nature.

Girls and boys are temperamentally different from each other. They have different duties to perform. A girl is required to receive education which can make her a good wife and Status: Resolved.

14 Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-Education System. By. Chitra Reddy. 0. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. there are still thousands of doubts raised about having a co-education in schools, colleges etc. Disadvantages of Co-Education system.

Points against co education in schools
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