Pak india dialogue single point agenda kashmir

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Frozen conflict

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Pakistan to India: No talks unless Kashmir is on agenda

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India–Pakistan relations

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The new bus service between Leeds and Muzaffarabad has also reflected bring the two sides closer. Pak-India Dialogue: Single-Point-Agenda: Kashmir Single-Point-Agenda: KASHMIR By Atiq Durrani KASHMIR Conflict: One of the oldest unresolved problem pending in.

Kashmir conflict

For example, several Pakistani diplomats say that India has adopted a single-point agenda, similar to what Pakistan had followed in the past, "In the past, we Pakistanis used to say that there can.

Aug 25,  · No one disputes that India and Pakistan have a terrible relationship, and could draw up a laundry list of an agenda even longer than the eight points of their current dialogue structure.

The Kashmir Dispute: A Kashmiri Assessment

Extraordinary Military Powers and Right to Self Determination in Kashmir By Shweta Chaudhary India and Pakistan. The Kashmir conflict is a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir region. The "Pak -India Dialogue: Single Point Agenda: Kashmir" (4 February ) PKKH. 6 9. Any dialogue with India without Kashmir would be futile and any decision about the future of Kashmiris could not be taken without consulting them, Sharif was quoted as saying by the Dawn newspaper.

Kashmir is the mother of all issues between Pakistan and India and without Kashmir on agenda, its simply a non starter. India non cooperation in this regard will keep putting it under more.

Pak india dialogue single point agenda kashmir
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