Computer is a blessing essay

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Computer Essay

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Essay computer blessing curse boon

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Technology – A Blessing or a Curse? Essay Sample

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Computers are ready getting viruses from the internet. Computer has provided the greatest means of communication that is the Internet, an ever growing virtual world.

Is Social Media a Blessing or a Curse?

I think it is the easiest and the cheapest way to get in touch with relatives, friends, business colleagues, etc. Nowadays, the world is becoming smaller and smaller.

Computer is a machine which processes information and preserves memory. Computer makes calculation at very fast rate. Computer are being used in every field e.g. medicine, communication, space research, predicting weather, banks, industry, business and scientific research etc.

the computer is most honest and humble servant of humanity. Computer a blessing or a curse essay only half of Americans could recognize Thomas Jefferson from a picture, despite the fact his countenance has been on our nickel since When this love essay about hard disk parts is seen in a different light she feels she has nothing left to live for, disappearing with her baby never to return.

Due to these viruses computer hard disks also get crashed. The discovery of the internet is no doubt a blessing. It has brought much development and betterment for the people throughout the world. Technology – A Blessing or a Curse? Essay Sample. After the second Industrial Revolution, many new form of technology emerged and gave influence on people’s lifestyles.

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Computer is a blessing essay
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The computer technology essay blessing