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Translation in English with introduction, notes, glossary, appendices, interpretive essay and introduction. The text includes new insights into the nature of Greek love, including rarely seen illustrations (stone carving and vase painting).

2. The Folk Song Project at the Confluence of Music and Nationalism: Essay on Volkslieder (/79) and Stimmen der Völker in Liedern () Translation from Volkslieder and Stimmen der Völker in Liedern / Folk Songs and Voices of the People in Song Appendix A: Introduction to the Folk Song Texts Appendix B: Translation from the Folk Song Texts 3.

The translation is accompanied by excellent notes, an interpretive essay, indices, and a highly useful glossary.” Harvey C. Mansfield “There are several good editions of the Nicomachean Ethics currently available, but the Bartlett and Collins version is superior in several decisive respects—philological, philosophical, and pedagogical/5(3).

Seven Interpretive Essays on Peruvian Reality the distinguished Peruvian historian, in an introduction written especially for this translation, provides an account of Mariátegui's life and describes the political and intellectual climate in which these essays were written.

Contents: Introduction by Jorge Basadre; Author’s Note; 1. This is an English translation of one of Plato's least political dialogues of Socrates and Phaedrus discussing many themes: the art and practice of rhetoric, love, reincarnation, and the soul.

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It includes an introduction, notes, glossary, appendices, and an interpretive essay and introduction. Also.

Appendix essay glossary interpretive introduction note translation
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